A Marriage without Emotions

Throughout history, there have been a great many marriages that had nothing to do with an emotional attachment. Royalty in many countries married simply to cement alliances, or they might marry to be able to take over more territory. Those who had money married off their daughters to families that would help them keep their fortunes, and there were those who married them to wealthier men so they could increase their holdings. All of these were considered a marriage without emotions, and many of them worked out well for those involved.

The concept of marrying for love is a recently development, and it is only in the last few centuries that it has become an accepted way to choose a life partner. Those who are in the relationship are expected to love each other before they marry, and that love is supposed to last for the rest of their lives. It is the tie that will bind the two together, but it is a reality that not every couple has that special gift.

There are always people looking for a partner in life, but they do not necessarily need to have a deep emotional attachment. A person might need a partner with excellent health insurance, and they might be able to find someone who wants a good hostess for their many social commitments. They would not necessarily need to feel a deep emotional tie, but they would each need to understand what the other person wants from the relationship. As long as they are both satisfied with the arrangement, the relationship will be successful.

The needs of people change throughout the decades, and marrying without an emotional attachment has again become a new trend. It serves a purpose for a small group of people who want the status of being in a permanent relationship without waiting to find someone to love, and that is one reason is has again become an option.