Alternatives To Traditional Dating


Relaxed Dating

More people are discovering the notion that life should be fun. In an attempt to practice this concept, many of them have begun to be more relaxed when they go on dates. They see this as an adventure, and they are unconcerned that their first date may not lead to a second date or future relationship. These people have embraced a new way of living that gives them the freedom to be who they are without apology.

Old-fashioned dating required people to put on their best show for a potential mate. A date was meant to lead to a relationship, and it was an important step in life. Each date was treated as if the person was being interviewed for a lifetime commitment. Societal changes have alleviated this concern because people are not expected to marry young and raise a family. Exploring many options for the future has become more important than settling down early in life.

There are some people who have taken this concept a bit further. They compartmentalize their lives, and dating is about meeting people only. Rather than continuing to date a person for a long term relationship and physical intimacy, they have a fuck buddy to take care of their intimate needs. This gives them a chance to step back from their date and really examine future possibilities. They take their time getting to know a person, and they invest time only if a possible relationship might be successful.

People who choose to have fuck buddies are still seeking a long term relationship. They want the comfort of coming home to the same person each night, but they want a relationship that will work over time. The availability of no strings attached sex gives them the opportunity to wait for a real relationship rather than settling for someone who is not truly compatible over the long run.